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The roots of the WeaveTales (Refugees Stories, Inc.) were founded when Seyeon Hwang, then a graduate student, and Basma Alawee, a refugee-turned-activist, met in Jacksonville, Florida, to work on a storytelling project in 2018. They agreed on the need for a nonprofit organization that focuses on the collection and sharing of refugees' stories around the world and have been working together ever since.


Born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, Basma came to the U.S. with her husband as a refugee in 2010, leaving behind her career as a materials engineer with the Ministry of Oil within the Government of Iraq. As a refugee and activist, her stories and activism have been featured in the media. Most recently she was the recipient of the OneJax Humanitarian Award in 2019. She was also elected the Florida delegate for the UNHCR Refugee Congress and is a board member of USAHello (formerly, Refugee Center Online) and many other nonprofits. Currently, she is the Florida Refugee Organizer with the Florida Immigrant Coalition.




Coming from Seoul, Korea, Seyeon has been working closely with and researching refugee communities across the U.S. and Europe. Her most recent project was with the the refugees who came to Jacksonville, Florida, which is also a part of her doctoral research. She has taught at the University of Florida (UF) and continues to teach college students about cities, justice, citizenship, forced migration, and globalization as she finishes her doctoral program in Urban & Regional Planning at UF. She is a strong advocate for justice and looks forward to working with various other domestic and overseas nonprofits.



We believe in the power of storytelling in bringing changes to the present and future of refugee protection.

Our Mission

Our missions are to humanize the stories of refugees by giving them a voice and to correct misconceptions about refugees by spreading the truth in their own words. We also document, preserve, and share the stories of refugees around the world for advocacy to support global efforts in peace-building and freedom of the press to help refugees find a home.​


Our Vision

We seek to let known the untold stories of millions of refugees around the world to bring justice, equity, and peace in helping refugees find a safe and permanent home.

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